Posted at 2014-09-28.

There is only one reality, but as a diamond, you can look at it from different perspectives.

We are here, we are now. Right? But, how long is "now"? How big is "here"?

For an atom, there's no time. It will be here forever, in you, in me, or wherever. There's probably no here, either, as there is little to interact with around, to act as a reference.

For a planet, now is long, our time irrelevant. Where is an angle from its sun, our countries irrelevant.

The trick is not to think about distinct entities or levels. There is one reality, and a continuum of layers, of information constructs, of lives, times, places, built on top of it. It's a pyramid of realities, everything built upon the smaller, everything dancing the will of the greater.

But that, obviously, is only a matter of perspective.