Posted at 2015-09-12.

From the information we gather, we create a model of the world. Surprisingly, the human mind does not have enough with this, and it frequently wanders to the realm of fiction.

Here, we create worlds that could exist within the laws of the current world. We also create worlds that have different laws than the world we live in. This two type of worlds are plausible, they are realities that probably does not exist, but could.

In this case, we are simulating the world, exercising our understanding of natural laws.

There is, though, a different kind of fiction. When we have the courage to dream incoherent worlds, physical systems that in no way could exist. Rules that coexist but contradict each other.

This true fiction, in my opinion, is the strongest one. By understanding what could not exist, we get to define what does exist. For every rule we mentally break, we gain understanding of why it must be there.