Posted at 2015-09-16.

For any being composed of ideas, such as humans, the prime objective is to guarantee that those ideas will last long in this world, that they will get a chance to change it and make an impression. In genetics we use sex to spread our genomes, information-wise we call that act of reproduction infosex.

In this society a problem has arisen. There is a sexual replacement (pornography) and an information replacement (infornography).

The spread of this infornography means a danger to our evolution as a conciousness. This fake ideas, that get their value only from their initial attractiveness, don't make us grow. They are distractions, taking our time, fictions that only last a few minutes in our minds, that don't add anything to our beings.

We have to become more aware of who we are, of the channels we have to transmit, teach and learn, and the way we use them. Right now, there is more noise than signal, and that's dangerous to our culture.